PIL, Inc. Services

We genuinely believe you won't find more beneficial software than MOST Interactive™ as you track, report, analyze, and comply.

Sometimes, though, you want more than great software: You want a helping hand!

That's where PIL, Inc. Services steps in. Our services provide that extra "hand up" you need to get ahead of the seemingly endless regulations.

Professional Auditing Service

Don't have time to perform the internal audits you need to? That's where our professional auditing services come in.

Our professional auditors will use our software to audit charts using criteria appropriate to your accrediting agency. You'll get immediate, unbiased reporting that clearly demonstrates your progress toward compliance with relevant regulations.

It's as simple as that!

Compliance Consultation

Need help developing effective compliance processes? Or maybe you are switching from one accrediting agency to another. We can help!

Our professional healthcare providers and compliance experts will evaluate your processes or assess your compliance.

Donna Reed, founder of PIL, has over 30 years of experience as a Compliance Officer consulting in the behavioral health industry. She and those she has trained have the expertise you need to get your compliance efforts right where they need to be!

Auditing Services Benefits

  • auditing based on your accrediting agency's regulations
  • relevant and meaningful reports
  • assurance of unbiased processes
  • your people stay focused on providing quality care while we handle the auditing details

Consultation Benefits

  • we help you establish effective, proven processes
  • we come with years of valuable, hard-earned experience

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