MOST Interactive™

MOST Interactive™ is a web-based auditing tool that facilitates your efforts to track, report, analyze, and comply.

It supports comprehensive compliance processes for quantitative clinical documentation as well as a format for tracking quality of care through a qualitative compliance approach.

Built-in, instantly available reports allow for tracking quality-of-care and compliance for individual providers, programs and organizations.

MOST Interactive™ offers agencies the ability to add custom questions and question sets. This popular feature allows organizations who have established tracking tools to add their questions existing tools to the software and enjoy the availability of instant reporting.

It has the ability to:

MOST Interactive™ can also be used to support state-wide initiatives to condense data collected from one or more instruments into meaningful outcome measures. It efficiently combines data from agencies and individuals to produce relevant reports. We are not aware of a comparable tool anywhere!

About MOST Interactive™

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MOST Interactive™ is a comprehensive auditing and reporting tool that can be used by health care organizations and by large networks alike.

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